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Digital experimentation of basic science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)



Based in a wide variety of digital sensors that recollect experimental signals or data to transfer them to a data collector, and from this one, to a conventional computer in which with the use of an experimental analysis software previously installed, students will be able to observe behaviors or phenomena in real time.  

Qualitative analysis.

In comparison with the limitations of conventional experiments, digital experiments solve issues of qualitative nature, impossible to quantify.


Complete and precise quantitative analysis.

Do to the huge quantity of experimental data that is recollected, behaviors and tendencies are shown with clarity without any error margin.


Improves the experiments efficiency 

Thousands of data are captured per minute at really high speeds, filling the empty spaces of dynamic and transitional signals of traditional


Precise data

Data measurement is done at mili and micro levels, to greatly minimize empty measurement spaces.


Experimental analysis of intuitive operation software

Physical changes in time curve.

Curves relation between different physical quantities at the same time.


More than 200 documented experiments related with formative fields of the SEP program at middleschool and highschool level of physics, chemistry and biology subjects.


  • Software

  • Sensors

  • Accesories

  • Data collector