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Player. Specific purpose micro-computer that connects to one or many screens to display contents. They are designed to operate silently and by long periods of time.

  • Innovative Communication Multimedia System:

    • Text

    • Image

    • Video

    • Animation.

  • Community will always be well informed with the opportunity to:

    •  Announcements

    • news

    • events

    • messages

    • notices

    • campaigns

    • etc.

Digital signage systems for schools

General characteristics:

  • The display surface of each screen will be zoned for simultaneous diffusion of different contents.

  • Dynamic programming and flexible contents in time intervals (seconss, minutes, days, etc.).

  • Friendly software for easy content creation and updating, oriented to the final user.

  • Automated operation.- Moving a simple switch is enough to turn the system on or off.

  • Typical elements of a Signage Digital System:

  • Software for the creation, programming and updating of contents.

    • Operation software: updating and dynamic reproduction of contents

    • Visual display screens that may be: LCD, LED's, Plasma, monitors, touchscreens, etc.