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Laboratories design and integral equipment

  • Multifunctional: Computing-Languages-Basic sciences-Robotics

  • STEM Laboratory: Sciences – Computer technologies

  • Engineering – Mathematics - Robotics

  • Languages laboratory

  • Computer technologies laboratory

  • Automotive systems laboratory

A Multifunctional Laboratory is a learning space that eases skills formation through the "learning while doing" or the "knowing to do".

Technological fundaments

  • Last generation computer equipment. Verastile AIO (Desktops-Laptops-Tablets), super high definition, quad-core proccessors, WiFi and Bluetooth, low energy consumption. 

  • Digital technologies applied for experimentation.

  • Audiovisual technologies with colaborative presentation tools.

  • Control systems and simplified audiovisual aids operation.

  • Software for technology based subjects, including PC's, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

  • Wide diversity of technologies and interactive technology tools.

Pedagogical fundaments


  • Eases new twenty first century pedagogical models implementation.

  • Cognitive, metacognitive, and self awareness developement; skills developement, "learning to learn".

  • Personalized learning, it's feasible that students will be able to learn at their own style and pace.

  • Colaborative learning, organizing heterogeneous work teams with technology help.

  • Countless number of didactical resources that are always available;  they include study, investigation, and learning stimulants.

  • Interactive simulations for an absolute concept comprehension.

  • Teachers role as guide, motivator and improved individual learning monitor.