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Language learning systems

Lessons for life

Lessons for life - English  is a complete english learning program that goes beyond basic abilities for the mastery of a language such as listening, speaking, reading and writing; because with the grammar module students will be able to develope writing and daily situation abilities, making Lessons for life - ENGLISH, a practical and useful tool in differente life areas.







Lessons for life - English  can be used by adults and kids in:

  • Learning laboratories

  • Language schools

  • Last levels of elementary schools

  • Highschools

  • Universities

  • Home

Principal characteristics:

  • Considers individual learning styles, which allows students to learn at their own pace.

  • Four language abilities: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

  • Pronunciation practice, sentence forming and grammatical utilization.

  • Friendly interface for the user with a simple, intuitive and easy english navigation.

  • Includes practical conversations; audios; animations; images and composite texts; activities and interactive games to help the student to improve memory, vocabulary and dictation abilities. 

  • Possibility to check answers instantly.

  • English language standard american accent.