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SercaNET - Academic content server in an intranet

SercaNET is an educative solution that includes a combination of the most advanced learning models (Neuro-pedagogy) with last generation web platforms for learning management.

It is a configured server with web technologies connected to a router to enable the creation of an IntraNET within a classroom.

Any device with Wi-Fi connection (smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer) will be able to connect wirelessly to SercaNET.

SercaNET is content structures, didactical sequences, and educational resources linked with the academic programs of middleschool subjects.

SercaNET allows web navigation, just as it's done when internet connection exists, with the advantage that students only have access to necessary contents according to the grade they are coursing.


  • Structure of learning sequences that completely covers the academic program of a subject.

  • It is operated through a LMS (Learning Management System) based in open source code.

  • The LMS is installed and configured in a web server for its operation in an IntraNET network which will be able to be accessed in many different ways.

  • The web server is configured wth open source code, Linux operating sytem, SQL database, etc.

  • The CourseWare includes digital web contents both open source and commercial, which are elements of a determined learning sequence. The CourseWare is an integrated software product with a commercial value per subject.

  • The CourseWare per assignment are:

    • Biology

    • Physics

    • Chemistry

    • Mathematics 1

    • Mathematics 2

    • Mathematics 3

    • Robotics 1

    • Spanish 1

    • Spanish 2

    • Spanish 3

    • Mexican and world geography

    • History 1

    • History 2

    • Civical and ethical formation 1

    • Civical and ethical formation 2


CourseWare: Marco Pedagógico 

The learning sequences use Robert Marzanos model.

Recursos por tema

  • Content repository linked directly with topics and subtopics of academic programs for each subject.

  • Contents are organized for the students to be able to access them quickly according to their needs.

  • They are contents that can be part of Courseware and that in this section, students can access them freely when they desire, or subjects that have no Courseware which can be used for support  their individual learning process.

  • These contents vary from different types such as animations, simulations, videos, diagrams, images, texts, and others; that complement the textbooks contents.

  • Through a content matrix, both student and teacher will be able to access these resources according to the topic they wish to investigate.

  • Content repository of general resources to support academic works such as homeworks, projects, investigations, debates, etc.

  • They are encyclopedias, dictionaries, wikis, movies and educational videos.

  • They are resources that will allow students to expand and deepen their knowledge in the topics related to they learning.

  • They are bot open source and commercial resources.

Recursos generales