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We are a company fully committed to the positive transformation of society, seeking to transcend through the creation of several initiatives and solutions that significantly impact the Education 4.0.


We are in a world where concepts remain as such. Good intentions of change are not enough if education does not improve and if new technologies and pedagogical techniques are not implemented in the daily academic activities.


We are a group of engineers, educators, psychologists, teachers, and editors that have joined together to offer holistic solutions that yield a high impact to education. We seek to facilitate the job of parents, teachers and school directors by creating a revolutionary change in the current way of teaching and learning. We seek that students develop their capacity for self-learning (learn to learn) and get to know themselves by discovering their full potential. We aim for students to take a proactive role in their education, to become leaders of their own learning and that their experience in a classroom is far from boring.


We provide learning experiences applied to real life. An integration of traditional academic materials, technology, pedagogy, and one’s own way of learning with the skills and competencies needed for life.


Through our solutions and technologies, we seek to provide the same opportunity to all students regardless of their socioeconomic status or academic level. We create environments that are both student and group-centered, where everyone has a sense of belonging, equality, and freedom. We seek to prepare new generations for the demands of an ever-changing society and economy; prepare them not only for a job but for life, empowering them to be the best versions of themselves. New generations that can adapt and reinvent themselves and at the same time follow their vocation and passion.


We want to contribute with a significant improvement of the academic results in students that governments, educational institutions, teachers and parents are looking for.





Create, design, integrate and implement educational solutions based on new neuro-pedagogical learning models and new technologies that significantly improve the learning process and also have a massive social impact.

We seek to be a company that inspires, develops and empowers the best in each student. We envision a world where every student has an equal chance for success. A world where income and race do not determine the quality of education. We want all students to develop self-learning skills, so this can become a lifelong competence, through which students can build a particular model of life and develop professionally and personally by contributing positively to a better future and society.







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