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mexico inventa iniciativa educativa invencion e innovacion
invention convention the henry ford foundation jovenes inventores innovacion

Mexico Inventa boosts and promotes the new generation of inventors in Mexico. It strives for students to develop their creativity to the fullest to enhance and boost their capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship. 


Mexico Inventa joins as an affiliate of The Henry Ford Foundation and participates every year in the Invention Convention Worldwide. This event provides opportunities and unique experiences to students from different socioeconomic and educational levels. 


The base of the Invention Convention Worldwide is STEMIE Education. It seeks to develop and strengthen the knowledge and competencies of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in combination with the learning process of Invention and Entrepreneurship.


STEMIE = STEM + Invention + Entrepreneurship 

Mexico Inventa provide Educational Institutions a year-round running Invention program throughout their school year. To achieve this, we guide the Institutions in the implementation of 4 important processes: 

implementacion 4 pasos stem invencion y emprendimiento jovenes inventores

1. Transformation of the Learning Process for courses related to Invention (Science, Technology, Robotics, Mathematics)

2. Implementation of the Invention Process Methodology

3. Support and Implementation of "The Invention Convention Tournament" within your Institution

4. Certification for teachers and Institutions of "The Invention Convention Worldwide"

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