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plataforma maker steam didaktron
plataforma maker steam didaktron

MakerSTEAM v1.0

is an educational web platform to foster active learning by enabling user and evidence management of educational contents of science, technology, innovation, invention and entrepreneurship.

Self-managed and self-paced web platform with a high degree of flexibility and versatility.

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Flexibility to the fact that it can be used in multiple ways to support a specific educational model of an institution, or a specific teaching methodology. 

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Versatility refers to that it can be used in very different educational environments and models.

In a science laboratory with specialized equipment

As a platform of an inverted classroom model

For example:

In a New Technologies Lab

In a makerspace

In a workshop or laboratory

As a collaborative self-management platform in the classroom

In a traditional classroom as a teaching support

At home as an asynchronous platform for students available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Platform with more than 900 self-managed learning sequences. The instructional design of these sequences varies within the subject, but it is based on new neuro-pedagogical principles and more than 15 different learning methodologies.

All of our educational content fulfills with the most recent international standards of education and with the official programs of SEP (Mexico) in subjects related to science and technology in grades of elementary to high school.

plataforma de aprendizaje maker steam
plataforma educativa primaria maker steam

Educational Web Platform that promotes active learning individually and as a team through content and activities such as: readings, videos, presentations, experiments, teamwork dynamics, feedbacks, evaluations, etc.

Designed to be accessible and responsive to any type of computer or mobile device. Its contents are reproduced in any web browser.

General Features

Students become self-sufficient in their learning, gradually being able to build a mental structure that allows them to be expert lifelong learners. They learn to learn.

Contents related to: Innovation, Invention, Entrepreneurship, Technologies, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.), Robotics, Educational Manufacturing, Electronics, Renewable Energy, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Experimentation, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, among others.

Teachers become facilitators, mentors, guides, counselors, teamwork, and activities managers. They will make sure student’s develop lifelong competencies.

User control and management. Students upload evidence or assignments to the platform. Teachers visualize evidences or assignment from their students.

With equipment or 100% virtual asynchronous.

Can be used in the cloud or installed on an internal server in an intranet.

Includes a special teacher update module with more than 25 cutting-edge courses.

Available Language: Spanish, English and Bilingual.

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