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alibix robotica educativa didaktron


Educational Robotics

Through our educational robotics system, the student develops projects that are a scale representation of some machine or living beings in different areas of robotics such as: industrial and commercial machines, home automation, autonomous vehicles and bionic robots. 


The projects are designed in such a way that:

  • Allow the student to learn about the general operation of any given machine or electronic device of daily use. 

  • They imitate the organic movements of living beings. 


The projects are carried out in teams in order to develop skills such as disruptive thinking, creativity, leadership, effective communication, teamwork and logical-mathematical thinking. 


Modular Robotics use different pieces to build the body of the robot. All units include a controller, which is the brain of the robot. The user programs the controller to receive and interpret environmental information and execute an action in response.  


Example of some projects:


Exoskeletal Hand: A glove that emulates the finger movements of a human hand.

V4 Motor Engine: Representation of the operation of a 4-cylinder engine.

Rescue Robot: Simulates the operation of a rescue robot that detects obstacles, surround them and is able to interact with the environment using its robotic manipulator.

Manufacturing cell: Representation of a production line in an industrial building.


  • Encourages innovation, teamwork, collaborative learning and integration between students and teachers.

  • Contributes to the student’s globalization. Attractive local, state and national competitions that encourage students to participate in international robotic contests. 

  • Promotes teacher’s professional development in the acquisition of new knowledge and skills.

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