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As technologies and classroom instruction evolve, so does the environment where learning takes place. We offer personalized consulting services to adapt traditional classrooms or create new classroom environments that support Industry 4.0 Learning.


We offer the best in audiovisual technologies, specialized furniture and certifications and training for teachers in the use of new technologies. We design spaces where classroom design, technologies, and curriculum work together to provide an ideal learning and collaborative environment for educational institutions. 

servicios didaktron consultoria


servicios didaktron diseño


We start with an ideal learning space based on particular needs of each customer. We deliver a personalized proposal of the new educational environment. 

Taking into account current resources, we seek to optimize and transform the learning spaces. The customer chooses important element features and designs from different alternatives. We make sure they always keep a flexible, functional and dynamic approach to get the most of their new learning space. 

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servicios certificaciones didaktron


servicios didaktron soporte


We offer instructional and technical support even after the project is finished to make sure that users (teachers, students, administrative staff) get the most out of the space, products and tools.

We provide state-of-the-art audiovisual technologies and specialized, resistant, flexible and dynamic furniture. Our catalog offers a variety of shapes, colors and sizes to satisfy different needs. 

We offer certifications and training in the use of: new technologies, new learning spaces, new pedagogical models of instruction, Industry 4.0 competencies, STEAM, Robotics, Invention, Entrepreneurship, Science, among others. 

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