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WER is a unique educational robotics competition in the world. Its purpose is to stimulate intellectual development, competitiveness and current vision of globalization in elementary, middle and high school students.  WER is an inclusive tournament involving schools, academies, clubs, and associations from different backgrounds (private and public sector) regardless of their size or their socioeconomic status.


WER is the most complete and formative educational tournament. The competition dynamics combined with the learning and training model that we have designed contribute to the cognitive and intellectual development of all participants. It also develops in participants the fundamental transversal competencies and skills for today's world needs. Participants are able to: 

  • Solve complex problems

  • Perform critical analysis under pressure 

  • Be creative

  • Teamwork

  • Self-manage projects

  • Take decisions

  • Develop social-emotional skills


Participants experience a total transformation after living the WER experience. They gain personal, emotional, intellectual, social and behavioral growth. 


At WER Mexico we designed and developed a solution so that all educational institutions, teachers, students, and parents can participate in a robotics tournament with no previous experience in the field. We have created a unique model of self-learning robotics and self-training robotics program (accessible from our MakerSTEAM Platform). This allows us to create a physical and virtual learning environment with the appropriate elements so that each student, in a collaborative way, is fully independent and can build and develop the knowledge and skills that a tournament like WER requires. 



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